HubSpot Inbound Certification

True Or False? If A Lead Flow Only Asks For A Visitor’s Email Address, That’s Enough Information To Create A Useful Record In The CRM.

  • An email address is enough information for the CRM to create a contact record where you’ll be able to see a full history of the pages that the visitor has viewed on your website. The CRM may also be able to find company information about the person and create a company record based on their email domain.
  • If a person provides an email address, you’ll be able to send them an email to ask for more information. This is also a good opportunity to find out what products they’re interested in and attempt to make a sale.
  • An email address without a name is meaningless. At a minimum, your lead flows should collect name and email.
  • Lead flows should collect as much information as possible about a visitor. You should have a goal of having 5 to 10 fields in each lead flow.

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