tips to create killer headlines

6 Killer Ways to Write Magnetic Headlines

Let me tell you some interesting statistics. On Average, 8 out of 10 people will only read headlines, but only 2 out of 10 people will read the rest. This simple statistics show how your killer headlines affect all your content. This is the power of your killer headlines. What is the purpose of your blog?

Read! Read! Go Down! All the way down to your call to action. This is the simple purpose of every blog. But, it really happens in this manner? According to this people will read your headline, and they should go down to read the rest part. Compelling people to read the rest part is the most important part in your blog success. Definitely, content is the king but, it will be decided by your headline weather it is king or queen?

So to get a readers quick attention, I have some smart ways to write killer headlines that will compel all your readers to act towards your call to action.

1. Ooh.. Mistake

“Do You Make These 9 writing Mistakes?”
Did you read this line? You wonder, “Hmm.. could I be making any of these mistakes?” No one likes mistakes. So this fear forces them to read the whole article. This is the most powerful attention grabber.  Mistakes Headlines show your expertise in the subject.
Did you notice that number in the headline? It is a very small factor but, it works like crazy. Possibilities are the reason behind the success of Mistake Headlines.
Other Examples:
  • 7 Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb
  • Are You Good Blogger: Yes or No

2. How To…

“How To Keep Your Google Contacts Up-to-date”

Even if you are a blogger, engineer or etc, Everyone wants to know Everything. According to Human Psychology How To article teach us to do something. So naturally, that compels the reader to end up read whole article.Simple structure of How-To post. How-to headlines are really one of the killer headline template.

  • Introduction to the problem.
  • Solution to the problem.
Other Examples:
  • How To Make Money Without Investment
  • How To Launch Your First Blog

3. I Like Resources…

“10 Ways To Build Reputation As A Blogger”
You can wrap all resources into a list and then publish as a post. List posts never fail. Everybody wants to find all resources for a particular subject on One Page. Try to publish one List post per week. List post builds Authority.
Other Examples:
  • The Top Ten Cars In The World
  • 6 Killer Ways to Write Magnetic Headlines

4. Warning…

“Warning : You Are On The Wrong Way”
It is the most powerful attention grabber according to me. Everybody wants to know they are safe, whether it’s related to anything. So, try this killer headline template in your upcoming post.
Other Examples:
  • Warning: You are Drunk
  • Is Your Facebook Account Safe From Hackers?

5. Secrets…

“3 Secrets About You”
Try to create suspense with your title. Tell them some secrets about your success or mistakes. Your readers are eager to know that secrets.
Other Examples:
  • 10 Secrets Of My Overnight Success
  • 1 Secret That Can Save Your Life !

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According to my, headlines are the most important part of your blog. I’m still using the same process and getting tremendous results every day. So, you have to spend some time creating unique headlines. Now, you have many useful techniques to create eye-catchy Headlines. Now it’s time to apply that technique. let me know if you’ve any difficulties in applying these techniques. You can tell me in the comments.