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Who Else Wants More Loyal Readers (Blog Traffic Tips)

If you wish to attract a strong readership just for your blog, it’s very clear that you will need to produce excellent articles. Although that’s not enough: excellent articles that don’t get looked over may as well not be found. To develop a successful blog, you additionally will need to master to generate targeted traffic to it.

And so, what strategies do the pros apply? We’ve put together a list of attempted and accurate methods to create your readership.

  • Spend some time for research

Doing research before writing any article is the most important part of the writing process. If you want to take your blog to the next level, then you can’t talk about anything in your blog posts. It is a must for keyword-specified blog traffic.

Writing Nothing is better than writing Anything.

Find out what people want to read. Find out their problems and try to solve it through your blog posts. Make use of Google to find out the topic for your next posts. Google Trends is the best service to find trending topics in your niche. Try to analyze comments on your blog and find common problems that your readers are facing. Give a solution of that problem to your readers.

  • Speak to a more specific audience

I’ll start with one example.

Suppose your son is 10 years old. On “Career Day” you are invited to give a 5-minute speech to his school. What do you think? Which topic will be best for that day? I have a suggestion. According to my advice, you should speak on Bernoulli’s law or nuclear reaction. Is it, right? No, man. They are kids. On that day, you should encourage kids. Don’t talk about “rocket science” with them.

So, create a short survey to know your audience level. Talk with them according to their level that builds loyal readers and blog traffic.

  • You have to be Regular.

Consistency is the first rule for blogging success.

More content means more Blog Traffic. Consistency is the key to generating more content. The more consistent you are with your posts the more audience you can attract. If you follow this rule only for one year, there will be 365 posts live on your blog. (It’s a very big deal !)

Why is consistency important?

  • Consistency is most important to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • Publishing one post per day shows your expertise in your niche.
  • Posting frequency is one of the factors of SEO.

So, keep writing. You will get better.

  • Make Social Media your friend!

Spend your 20% time creating a blog and 80% on promoting it. Major blogs get their 50% traffic from Facebook and Twitter. So, you get not to neglect social media for blog promotion. Social media is one of the best factors for blog traffic.

Expert Tip:(Best for Long term Traffic)

Spend some time to create a network around your niche on social networks. Please don’t sit back after completing the network; try to develop it.

Make a list of influencers in your niche. Try to make relation with them using Facebook or Twitter. Encourage your readers to share your content on social networks.

How to encourage readers to share your content?

  • Include social sharing buttons at the top and bottom of every post.
  • Make images Pinable.
  • Use Click To Tweet. It is the best and easiest way to promote your blog on Twitter.
  • Include Infographics in your post because infographics perform far better than normal posts.

Actionable tips for better social media promotion.

  • Create your own Facebook fan page.
  • Share your posts to your Facebook Page, not your Facebook Profile
  • Be active on Facebook groups related to your niche and talk about your blog.
  • Share your Content on Group Pinterest boards.
  • Use IFTTT(if this, then that). It is the best service to automate your social life.
  • If you are on Blogger, Google Plus is the best platform to promote your stuff.

As you can notice, it takes genuine work to encourage your post. Although the excellent news flash is that presently there are much more sources nowadays than at any time just before.

Have you proficiently used these techniques to push traffic to your blog? Do you suggest other tactics? Tell us in the comments section beneath.