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The Art of Winning More Deals: You Can Do It Too

Marketers spend hours after hours to find out the most suitable way to win a deal. Once the trick works out, getting another 100 deals becomes a matter of time. Thanks to those market researchers— we can now use those tricks like templates and get instant results. Still, 36% of sales reps say that they consider closing the deal as the biggest challenge. 

Winning a deal starts with understanding the psychology of your customers and stretches to getting personal and even leveraging FOMO. Let’s see the most successful tricks that can help you win more deals and ensure rapid business growth.

Don’t Sound Robotic to Your Prospects

Your prospects don’t contact you to get templated answers to their queries. If that were the case, they would have stuck to the website in the first place. So, make it worthwhile for them to contact your team. 

Listen to their concerns carefully and offer custom solutions. In most cases, customers call a business either to get an idea of the products or to file a complaint. If it’s the latter one, try to be empathetic. Prove that you are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Get Personal

Creating a psychological bond with the customers and prospects pays off. So, don’t shy away from asking their names and mentioning them 2-3 times during the conversation. Ask them about their well-being— this works like magic because of the current pandemic situation. Don’t forget that personalisation can bring 16% more growth to your business compared to those who don’t. 

If there is an opportunity, use emotional language to divert the commercial tone into a comforting one that might give your customers reasons to seal the deal. 

Highlight Your Product’s Features

No matter how emotional you become or how convincing your tone is, without a product that really stands out, all you have to do is try your luck. But in this competitive market, luck doesn’t always stay in your favour. So, highlight what your product has to offer to the users. Specify why it’s a superior choice to those of competitors. Offer something that your customers can’t refuse.  

Leverage FOMO

FOMO is a marketing term that stands for Fear Of Missing Out. In a business scenario, creating hype for the product and making the customers feel that they are missing out on the greatest opportunity helps a business win hundreds of deals within a short period. 

However, leveraging FOMO shouldn’t be your everyday trick to convince a buyer. Instead, use this when you are running out of options or there are no particular things to differentiate it from your competitors. 

Don’t Force Your Customers

Happy customers are the most loyal customers. To make them happy, offer top-notch products first. Then, never compromise with your customer support policies. 

Letting your customers make the choice is an excellent point to start from. Don’t push them to go after your products— instead, show why yours are the best. Offer a demo if you have it. But learn how to present your products first.

Continue the discussion and unfold new features and benefits that your products have to offer strategically. You will win the deal— no doubt.

Put Your Sales Reps at Ease

Often ignored, reducing the hassle of your sales reps can boost their productivity. And more productivity secures more deals. The best way you can release your sales reps from burning out is to leverage automation. In 2021, 76% of companies were reported to use automation to scale up business revenues.   

For example, converting a lead into a deal and eventually creating a project map is a huge responsibility. It may drain your sales reps’ energy if the whole process is handled manually. As an alternative, you might consider Deal to Project converter where your Zoho CRM Deals modules will automatically be converted to respective Projects based on the data available. As a result, you can work on customers acquisition more than wasting time creating projects and effectively organising the hierarchy.