HubSpot Sales Enablement Certification

After You Explain The Concept Of A Judicial Branch To Your CEO, She Says, “Great! I’ll Have The Sales Leadership Team Make That Part Of Their Monthly Meeting.”? How Do You Respond?

  • “In the interest of being unbiased, I think it would be better to have the judicial branch made up of people who are outside of the sales and marketing organization.”?
  • “Perfect! We want to make sure the sales team is as involved as possible, and having sales leadership reviewing dropped leads is a great way to start.”?
  • “I think that’s the right group of leaders, but monthly meetings won’t be frequent enough to do the job. Can we have them meet every two weeks instead?”?
  • “The sales leadership shouldn’t be involved. It would be better to have the marketing leadership do this job.”?

Download HubSpot Sales Enablement Certification Exam Answers (PDF)

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