Small business VoIP Phone System

Small businesses are signing up for a small business VoIP solution all over the country as an effective means to increase their business’ productivity while increasing their bottom line as well. They are utilizing the services to expand their footprint without disturbing the mission-critical element of their business, their communications.

Finally, VoIP business phone services Provide Unlimited Calling for a Reasonable Price.

In the past, long-distance toll charges hamstrung small businesses with large telephone bills that small businesses found hard to fit in their budgets. Small business phone service provider offer such VoIP softphone solutions that everyone can count on. By utilizing their high-speed Internet connection and telephone, a business can save upwards of 75% on their long-distance bill. Since there is no need to purchase additional equipment, VoIP will cut a business’ phone bill as well as its maintenance expenses.

Portray a Greater Corporate Image

When a small business VoIP solution is utilized, the company will appear to be very advanced with all of the included enhanced features that come along with the service. With the automatic attendant feature, all calls will be greeted with a professional welcome message and directed to an extension of the caller’s choice. Additional free enhanced features include voice mail, fax mail, find me-follow me, call forwarding, caller ID, and 3-way calling features. The business can have calls routed to cell phone numbers if there is nobody in the office allowing the business to communicate with their customers. A “on hold music” feature is also provided, while the auto attendant is connecting the calls. All told, customers will have the impression that the business is well managed and will be eager to do business with such a well-run company.

Getting a Quality Service from the trusted VoIP service provider

Whether it is to improve a company’s brand exposure or if it is to increase business productivity, a business phone systems is the right solution. Make use of such innovative telecommunication services in a small office. Businesses are enjoying premium features, within the limits of their budget. Please visit Joon.us to find a number of small business VoIP services for small businesses offering quality products meeting the specific demands of their customers.